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perennial familyFamily owned and operated, Perennial Lawn Care has been providing customers with quality lawn and shrub care for over 25 years. At Perennial, we take pride in understanding the conditions, trends, and concerns of the local communities and their environments.

Perennial has been a hometown company for over two decades. We realize it’s about neighbors serving neighbors and that taking care of our customers is the only road to success.

Perennial respects our environment by being “green”.  Organic based fertilizers and low impact pesticides and herbicides are always our 1st choice.  Working together we can provide you with a environmentally friendly, healthy, problem free lawn that we all can take pride in.

sprinklerOur sister company of Perennial, Sprinkler Surgeon LLC, offers our customers the opportunity to have a properly irrigated lawn and landscape.  Sprinkler Surgeon is dedicated to making sure that your lawn and gardens are getting the right amount of water delivered in the most efficient manner. Proper irrigation is vital in the health and beauty of your landscape and is one of the most important things that can be done to protect your investment.  

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