Pest Control Programs


Protect your family and pets from fleas and ticks with our seasonal prevention program. Fleas and ticks become active once the temperatures begin to warm and do not go dormant until daytime temperatures fall below freezing. Applied every 4 to 6 weeks, beginning in the spring and ending in the fall, our treatments will reduce the breeding and population of these harmful pests. This will allow you and your loved ones to enjoy the joys and benefits of the outdoors.





Your home can provide the best access to resources such as food, shelter, and water that common insects desire. Perennial’s seasonal Perimeter Pest Program helps protect your home by creating a barrier around the foundation of your home to repel unwanted pests.






The threat of West Nile and other mosquito borne diseases could potentially affect your loved ones and pets with a single bite! Don’t let these harmful pests take away the enjoyment of your outdoor activities. Our seasonal mosquito prevention program can help eliminate dangerous and bothersome mosquitoes. Applied every 4 to 6 weeks, our mosquito applications help prevent these disease carrying pests from making your yard their breeding ground.

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